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Edinburgh Meet and Greet Airport Parking

Edinburgh Meet and Greet airport parking is different from Park and Ride in that there is no need to take the shuttle bus from the parking lot to the terminal building. When you arrive at the airport, drive directly to the terminal, which is within a short walking distance. Meet your driver there, leave the vehicle, and drive right away to check-in.

When you arrive at the Edinburgh meet and greet airport parking logging area, please cross the barrier and take your ticket. Your assigned driver will wait for you at the right corner of the meetup point with the ID. It would be best if you unloaded your luggage; otherwise, the drive will help you out, hand over your car keys and parking ticket to the driver when he inspects your car for visible damage.

Make sure you have the flight information back because the driver will ask for this information for your return.


Edinburgh Meet and Greet airport parking- Secure and convenient:

Your car will be parked in a secure complex near the terminal. Specialist staff regularly monitor parking spaces day and night. Spotlights and video surveillance are used, and a high fence surrounds the parking lot. Edinburgh meet and greet airport parking is the most secure parking facility to park your car.

Edinburgh Meet and Greet airport parking service is excellent if you have lots of luggage, travel with children, or want maximum parking convenience.

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The airport is hectic, and it is best to reserve your parking at your Edinburgh airport as soon as possible. Use flexible options if you are not sure whether it will be a fit for you or not, compare and get the best and reliable services options.

We make parking at the airport as easy as possible and reach our target customers who are satisfied with our cost-effective parking options with high-security measures.

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