Travelling Tips 101


If you are planning to take your whole family for some time out you need to be super organized. Sloppy and unmanaged trips are worse than no trips at all. People often opt to travel and have no guidelines to following for smooth execution of their trip, worry not!!! We are here for your rescue.

Travel Light:


The biggest mistake we often do while travelling is we take everything we can possibly grab even though everyone knows they won’t wear it. Don’t go with “maybe i will like it there”, No! If you don’t like it here, you will not wear it there. Pack wisely, especially when you are travelling with kids. Make sure you have their necessary stuff and lose the extra jumpers and clothes that you packed just for the sake of it. Travelling light means making your journey hassle free.


Never ever think you can get it once you get there. This kind of attitude often lands you in a bad hotel or a bad spot. So whether it is airport parking booking or hotel booking at your destination, make sure you have it all covered. Never rely on last minute booking, you will end up super messed on what was suppose to be a good holiday

Pick your destination wisely:


Don’t make impulsive decisions on your destination. If you like a place, investigate what you can do there. Don’t just go on a vacations because you like one beach there!! Ask around for all the other good spots there and know who you are travelling with. If you are travelling with family and you pick a place where there is nothing for the kids to do, you won’t even be able to enjoy tere with your partner. So no matter where you are headed to ensure the place has attractions for everyone travelling with you

Plan it All:



While you plan your vacation, don’t just plan the destination. You need to divide the days and the places you want to go to very wisely so that you don’t end up missing out on anything you really wanted to see. Make the itenary wisely and cover all the places that you want to see. Map the distances and according to that select the places you can visit in a day. You should have a clear plan for everyday so that nothing goes wrong


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On of the biggest mistake we all make while going on a vacation is in picking teh shoes. Always remember, you are going for a vacation!!! It is important to look good but it is more important to enjoy there. Don’t take shoes that you can’t walk in if you are going to a place where you know you will have to walk. Travel keeping in mind that comfort comes first or else you simply can’t enjoy.

Travel means:


When you travel know what you want to travel on. Which way is the cheapest and which is the most fun. If travelling by car makes you happy and gets you to your destination while adding much more adventure to it than take that route, if you plan to fly make sure you get yourself the best deals that are available.

Travelling is a passion for many and a break for some. No matter what is your reason for travelling, make sure you make your trip worthwhile. Never go wrong on a trip by following our simple guidelines. This is as simple as it get!! Happy Tripping