How To Sleep During The Flight

How To Sleep During The Flight

Packing and planning is an exhausting process. If you are one of those people who are looking forward to sleeping on the plane you need to know some tricks. While sleeping on the plane is something people wish for, we have cracked the code and compiled everything that can help you sleep on the flight:

Pick your set wisely:


People who don’t travel often have no idea which seats are the best for sleeping. The best place where you can easily rest is on the left aisle as compared to those who are on the right aisle. Since you can book your seat according to your preference so keep this in mind while making a pick. Wondering what to do if you are two people traveling? Well, play it wisely we suggest!! You can book the window and the isle seat and keep your fingers crossed. Less people prefer to take the middle seat so this way you can have the whole row to yourself. Amazing no?

Push your night:


If you really really want to sleep on the plane under any circumstances, make sure you are awake the night before. Party the whole night. Make sure you tire yourself completely so that the moment you get a comfortable seat your lids automatically close and you enter your sleep paradise

No caffeine Morning:

Yes, we understand you need caffeine to start your day. Coffee and other suh drinks make you active and help you in waking up. Make sure you avoid them in the morning. If you want to sleep make sure your brain has no power to stay awake. No caffeine or drinks that have sugar so that all your systems need sleep.

Tag Your Comfort Along:


It gets so much easier to sleep when you have all the necessary gadgets to help you get there fast. When you pack, pick a comfy pillow that gives you neck support so that there is no way your neck keeps switching sides and waking you up. Another essential thing is HEADPHONES. Buy good ones and put soothing music on which helps you sleep. Good headphones means you can escape the noise around you and sleep peacefully through your journey while others watch and envy you. Another important thing, yes you guessed it right, you need eyeshades. Bring them so that the people around you know that you want to sleep and they need to move their chit chat to someone else. So sit on your seat, set your stuff and off to sleep you go!

Get Yourself Free:


When you board the plane, and before you sleep make sure you use the washroom so that you don’t have to wake up from deep sleep just because you have to go. Walk around for a while because sitting for so long at a stretch can cause DVTs. make yourself fully prepared to sleep for a long time before you actually sleep. Also, dress up really casually. You don’t need to look like you are off to a meeting straight after landing. Wear lounge clothes and slippers so that you can take them off whenever you want and slip them on easily. That also helps while you go through security.

Although you can never plan everything perfectly but by following these simple tips you can atleast get closest to having a good sleep on your way to your destination. Travelling can be so much fun and easy when you know the right way of doing it, don’t you think?